It was my friend (now my husband) who made me see not my parents.

my sister is dating a loser what can i do-47

Counciling is a great beginning for your daughter to explore and grow in her own need to change. It is not uncommon for caring persons, especially those in the caring professions like nursing ,social work etc. I wouldn't change aything I went through with the string of losers because honestly, the experiences taught me alot about myself and what I was capable of.

As a mother, being as loving and supportive as you can,(pray a lot) is all you can do. to select mates who make them feel needed and important. Hi C., It sounds like your daughter needs a self esteem boost! You sound like an amazingly supportive mom.........

It is so freeing to them to learn to deal with the fears on their own level and to give responsibility back to the person who they wanted to change. Knowing your fears can be a important part for her to figure out this problem. If you do it for her she can not learn what she needs to learn.

Counseling is a good thing if you have the right counselor.

There are also more alternative methods that can help speed the process along.

Let me know if you want to hear more along these lines.

trying to save every pathetic soul that comes along. Than get her to write down the things she likes about him and the things she doesn't. That will clear the picture in her head and may be she will realise that this guy is not for her (it might take some time). - I find myself constantly recommending this, but it is because it is such a remarkable tool for helping us to sort out our lives - emotions, needs, desires, pains, etc.

Keep the list somewhere where she can see it and keep adding stuff about him. I highly recommend getting her the book "Non-Violent Communication" by Marshall Rosenberg and getting yourself and your daughter into an NVC class in your area.

If he really loved her, he would not do those things. -Steph [email protected]____Some of our 8 children have stuggled with this problem in the past.