One must not limit oneself to solely analyzing singular contents which are present on the internet, but instead should try and understand how people who create such contents are connected between themselves in a present, extended way.

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This book attempts to do this for the Italian communities of networkers.

Quoting the famous phrase by Marshall Mc Luhan "the medium is the message" 1 , today one may say that the network is the message of the medium Internet.

This type of writing I call "global autobiography", meaning that it connects the personal to the larger connected realm of global activities.

The book takes its place in the evolution of the artistic networking project AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artivism.

Not long ago people talked a lot about the virtual, but today it's clear that the people in flesh and blood are the destiny of the network and not just machines.

The network of participation and the formation of networks and relations through technology is an increasingly pervasive and global phenomenon, and the analysis of the methods with which these networks are formed is becoming a necessity for those who deal with digital culture.Also uses the py-hancock library for the ability to sign endpoints.Endpoints for `time`, `ping`, and `status` are automatically added as well. Written as a part of the Codimension project, this parser aims at pulling the most data from Python sources while exceeding the speed of existing parsers.A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License". A copy of the book can be found at reference materials on the subject: 87-91810-08-791810084 To Musti, Sergio and Bepi and to the infinite possibilities of being Table of Contents 8 Acknowledgements 10 Preface by Derrick de Kerckhove is Introduction 26 Networking Cultures Networking as Art, 26 From Ready-made to Fluxus, 29 Fluxus Diagrams, 33 The Mail Art Network, 37 Multi-identity, Neoism and Luther Blissett, 43 58 Towards the Cyber Utopias Punk and "Do It Yourself", 58 The Squatted Social Centres, 62 Cyberpunk in Italy, 68 Amateur Computer Networks, 75 From Cyberpunk to Industrial, 84 91 The Art of Networking: The Pioneers For a New Cartography of Reality , 9 1 Making Networks: the First Festivals and Mailing Lists, 94 From Video to Computer Art, 104 The Man-Machine Interface ,113 Hacker Art, 124 136 Hacker Ethics and Shared Networks Social Hacking , 136 Independent Magazines and Radical Websites, 149 Hackmeetings and Hacklabs, 163 The Netstrike, 170 179 Art on the Net and for the Net Net.9 Preface by Derrick de Kerckhove Tatiana Bazzichelli is a rising scholar and critic of digital culture.