At this point you will have undoubtedly attracted some attention and an elderly man will come with keys to open the building.Entering into the well-kept white courtyard you’ll find the walls adorned with Hebrew inscriptions and photographs.The FDNY is now joined by the NYPD in the investigation of possible serial arson.

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And during this time a Jewish Quarter (Maḥalla) was established.

The Quarter was eventually divided into three parts; Makhalaie Kukhna (Old Town); Amirobad, where Jews predominantly resided, and Makhalaie Nav (New Town).

However, over the years, the numbers have significantly declined due to the country’s poor economic environment, and the nationalistic tendencies of the government.

Most Bukharan Jews have settled in the US, and the Ashkenazim have largely settled in Israel, Russia, and Germany.

The school has a little over a hundred students, all from families that have been in Bukhara for generations.

Also here is the Sephardic synagogue, which was given permission to be reopened in 1945.Behind the Uzbekistan silk curtains there are ancient Torahsfrom over 500 years ago.The synagogue dates back to the 16th century, and although still in use, the number of people who attend has sharply declined in recent times.Today, the Jewish Quarter is known as the "Old Maḥalla," and its streets are indistinguishable from any other Muslim neighborhood.Yet, a small Jewish community, who follow a traditional way of life, can be found here.Throughout the centuries Jews experienced persecution under the Mongolians, local Muslim authorities, and then the Russians.