Today, Paul Mc Cartney issued a statement on his website remembering the legendary rocker.

There are many great stories in "Sticky Fingers," the biography of Rolling Stone and Rock Hall founder Jann Wenner.

The book details Wenner's sucking up to the memory of John Lennon, and his Velcro-ing to Yoko Ono to win her favor.

In the process, however, Wenner made an enemy of Paul Mc Cartney by lying to him about the Rock Hall.

Fats Domino, who died Tuesday at 89, was one of the main pioneers of early rock and roll, influencing virtually everyone who followed him, including the Beatles, who covered his songs and met him on one of their first trips to America.

During the show, Mc Cartney called for silence during the search for survivors in the ruins left by the Sept. A short-sleeve knit sweater worn by Paul Mc Cartney, a suit jacket worn by George Harrison and a pair of suit pants worn by Ringo Starr are up for sale through Heritage Auctions, which bills itself as "the world's largest collectibles auctioneer." The Beatles memorabilia is part of a large auction of classic rock and film-related items. The Bert Berns Story relates the life an work of the relatively unknown but hugely influential songwriter and producer, whose hits include Twist and Shout.

The film features recollections from artists including Paul Mc Cartney, who in a just-released clip talks about the importance of Twist and Shout to the Beatles' career.

On Oct 12, 1969, disc jockey Russ Gibb of WKNR-FM in Detroit, MI, took a call from a listener who tells him that when the song "Strawberry Fields Forever" is played backwards, a voice says, "Turn me on, dead man." And it's a sign that Paul Mc Cartney is dead.

One week later, WKNR devoted a two-hour show to the mystery.

On his official website, a fan asks Paul Mc Cartney, "Do you believe in ghosts? I'm a bit too practical so if I see or hear something, I normally will reach for a rational explanation."Paul Mc Cartney lifted spirits in quake-hit Mexico at a concert punctuated with the cry "Fuerza Mexico!