Because of their cost and complexity, these products do not provide ideal solutions for everyone.

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There are three different types of integration to consider: Data Integration.

Data integration is the ability to share part models (common data files or a common database).

This definition of the part can be called its model.

This model can be represented as a drawing or a CAD data file. A manufacturing engineer or NC programmer uses CAM software to select tools, methods, and procedures to machine the models defined in the manufacturing modeling section described above.

All provide high sophistication, high power, and high cost solutions.

These products typically provide data, interface, and application integration.

Engineering design and manufacturing uses CAD/CAM software for three distinctly different purposes: Design Modeling.

A mechanical design engineer uses CAD software to create a part.

The biggest change in recent times for the CAD/CAM industry lies with the term "integration".

Integration plays a very important role in the future of CAD/CAM products.

Note that the user that performs manufacturing modeling is usually the same user that performs NC programming. In a perfect world, you would select up to three different products, each one best at one of these functions, and they would all interact perfectly. For these different products to work well together, they need to possess a high level of integration.