Version 1.5.5 is already being put together (and is targeted for release within a few months of 1.5.0), and aside from tweaks and minor improvements, it'll feature a fourth new level created by a member of our community!

now updating half life 2 deathmatch please wait-3

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On the other hand, if you're new to Overwatch, hello!

Overwatch is a cooperative asymmetric multiplayer Real-Time Strategy Shooter (FPS/RTS hybrid) powered by the Source engine and set in the Half-LifeĀ² universe.

It pits a team of rebels playing cooperatively in first-person (the ), controlling units and the environment around them from a bird's-eye view.

With 515 changes made to the code, level and game files, 1.5.0 packs quite a few surprises!

Check out all the juicy details and six in-game screenshots in the previous news post, or skip right to the action-packed trailer below!

Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. They were working on another game and their website died off in 2012, not a single word from any of them whatsoever since then, no mention of giving up or moving on, just suddenly died off. I really liked this mod, theres no other game or mod like it unfortunately.

I hope someone else will one day make something similar.

All 18 tracks are currently available on CD Baby and are coming soon to i Tunes, Spotify and many other stores and music streaming sites. Then listen to the two preview tracks included in the last news post!