At least then users can make an informed choice about how much they wish to trust the app, and whether it is sufficient for the intended purpose.

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Of course, this risk applies equally to any app which encrypts your data.

Sooner or later I expect we’ll see an app developer being held accountable for leaked secrets.

Again, if you’re in the market for added security and privacy then these concessions may concern you.

The last app I tried was Vaulty which also seems to live up to its promises.

After all, they promised the unsuspecting user that they would protect those secrets.

It would be better if the descriptions of these Android apps properly reflected what each app does and does not do.

Vaulty looks a little more considerate in that it asks for a more acceptable list of permissions.

It also offers a decent balance of functionality in the free version with optional extras in paid-for plugins.

Take, for instance, Hide Pictures & Text Messages: For once, when they say they encrypt the content they actually mean it.

You can still browse to the directory where files are stored but any feasible attempt to open them outside of the app results in a “Load failed! The app lets you hide its own icon too so people won’t even know that you have an app for hiding stuff.

Again, the app gives a definite impression that your hidden photos are safe from prying eyes, and again the app moves your photos out of the gallery – but this time the directory is not even hidden.