The two became friends, and bonded further when they were both counselors at Scarborough Music Camp located in Mc Kellar, Ontario, Canada.

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The show went well and they were invited to open a show for another well-known local band, The Razorbacks, at the Horseshoe Tavern the coming weekend.

They set up three more rehearsals, and again missed them all; they proceeded to improvise their set once again.

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After six months, Andy Creeggan went on a student exchange trip to South America, leaving the band without a percussionist.

While playing at a buskers' festival in Waterloo, Ontario in the summer of 1990, they met drummer Tyler Stewart, who took over the position.This caused some concern for him, and he then moved more toward keyboards; though he still played percussion (usually congas) on some songs.Soon after, the band embarked upon their first full tour of Canada.They arranged three rehearsals and missed them all.but instead of competing, they played while the other bands set up, playing every song they could think of that they both knew.The band turned to selling them off the stage, and wound up selling a lot of them.