I do not expect my children to join in with nudity, it is their own decision, but they know how i feel, and and they are happy to let me do as i wish, just as i respect their feelings and do not go naked when they feel uncomfortable.I think that most of the naturists i have met are best described as accepting, and most are not unaware of others feelings.

Try the long beach between Horsey and Winterton, hardly anyone passes by, so long as you are careful not to offend anyone who does, are prepared to go behind a windbreak or maybe cover up if neccessary its marvelous.

Chances are the only people your likely to see would be other nudists.plenty of space, no need to be near to anyone ideal for first timerswe recently visited st osyth beach clacton, after a few years away, wot a dissapointmment,not at all nice, long walk, and the usual, pestered by voyers.

You may feel a little self-conscious at the beginning but it will probably soon wear off as you appreciate the feeling of liberation and enjoy the sun and air upon your skin. Where else can women with mastectomies, men with amputations, children with physical deformaties and the non adonises of this word just be accepted for what and who they are. Me, the wife and the kids have been members of a sun club for many years and regularly holiday in the Canaries or Greek islands where 'skinny' dipping and 'clothes optional' beaches are available. By being naked everyone is equal, it frees the mind to see beyond the body an dmore to the person, try it and become free.

The disgusting people in this country are those who would ridicule them. I'm lucky enough to live in an area where there are a lot of secluded lakes. One of the most delightful things about being naked, both in the home and outside in an appropriate place, is the wonderful feeling of the air on one's skin.

Unfortunately my wife no longer walks too far so I mostly go alone now.

Favourite spot is Horsey, between Waxham and Winterton, from Horsey Nature reseve car park walk along the beach, South, towards Winterton or the track behind the dunes to the next gap, continue along the beach past all tha seals sunbathing, and past all the black granite breakwaters, from there onwards its safe.

I remember my first social nudist expierience(I had done all the walking around indoors stuff)and decided to be a bit more adventurous,so I went to a nudist club,i was shown around(with a couple of also first timers)when we had been shown around,we ended up at the lockers,my maian worry was that things might happen down stairs,but what also went trough my mind was I used to own a fancydress shop,people used to come in and say that they had never been to a fancy dress party, I said to them everyone else would be in fancy dress so just go for it,if you look silly so what every one is in the same boat!

so if any thing did stir I am sure that it's nothing that hasn't been seen before so off came the clothes and I didn't let it bother me knowing that we were all of the same frame of mind...nothing did stir I tend to go nude whenever I can - and B*****R the law.

I actually felt out of place clothed and decided to take the plunge and my girlfriend did after a while and we both enjoyed the sense of freedom.

No-one stared and in fact people seemed to be far more open and friendly.

Someone who finds others (and possibly her own) body disgusting is sad.