And those words expose how attuned the person is to the importance of correct capitalization, the use of abbreviations, and the placement of apostrophes.OKCupid analyzed around 1.1 million profiles for its study, though didn’t say why it only looked at women.Candice Greaux is a communications consultant who splits her time between No VA and NJ.

Overall, the company said, women with “liberal” values seemed to meet people more often.

Those who believed a person’s education played a role in their attractiveness were over 30% more likely to leave the service because of a relationship.

Supporters of same-sex marriage were 85% more likely to find “success,” and those who felt obliged to help their fellow humans were 72% more likely to meet someone and delete their profiles.

Virtue-signaling across more traditional social media is nothing new, but OKCupid’s new feature goes beyond fundraising for the organization and giving users a digital bumper sticker.

The proliferation of text messaging cuts out the nuances of human interaction that change the meaning of the things we say, or type.

Hookup culture has all but made it socially unacceptable to demand accountability in our sexual encounters and relationships.Though OKCupid couches their support of Planned Parenthood as being supportive of affordable healthcare, the unavoidable fact is that the image of organization is closely tied to the issue of abortion.Birger pointed out that the filters in sites like this can keep users from “seeing the dating profiles of some people they’d probably click with, if they gave them a chance,” and expressed the concern that “It will lead to the same sort of divisiveness in the dating world that we see in the political world.This new feature also allows OKCupid’s algorithm to filter and “promote like-minded daters to one another.” When asked if people would be matched with individuals who have answered this question the same way as one another, OKCupid commented that “you will be matched primarily, not exclusively, with users who have similar beliefs.” This feature and partnership is the first of its kind, and was pursued by OKCupid after a “huge response” from the site’s community to the question “Should the government defund Planned Parenthood?” per CMO Melissa Hobley, who called Planned Parenthood a “dream partner.” Though the company is demonstrably excited about this initiative, on deeper examination, this new feature does have the potential to exacerbate a number of social quandaries our country is grappling with.Online dating relies much more than the offline variety on text.