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“I just went over to it to just to turn off the volume, but when I looked at it, I saw that it was this weird long name and it was saying (this person) 'is inviting you to a group chat,'” she explained.

Curious to learn what was on her son’s phone, Theoret opened the app and saw it was a video chat group.

Skeptics believe that any documentation or personal reminiscences supporting Li Ching-Yuen’s claims to extraordinary longevity, even if they were genuine, were most likely attributable to his having assumed the identity of a much older ancestor or someone else of similar name.

An Ile-Perrot mother is warning parents about the dangers of popular online video chat app

Another pupil said Li told him to “keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.” According to one version of Li’s married life he had buried twenty-three wives and was living with his twenty-fourth, a woman of 60.

Another account, which in 1928 credited him with 180 living descendants, comprising eleven generations, recorded only fourteen marriages.

“I never video chatted before, I just made a livestream - it's kind of like a Facebook Live - like other people can't talk to you or anything,” he said.

He discovered after using another app called, which is used to make music videos.

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