He said that officers were called to Fiamma three years ago, when the shooter allegedly battered a co-worker. Demings also said there was nothing to indicate that the shooting was related to terrorism, and that it's likely a 'workplace violence incident'. The FBI joint terrorism task force has an official on the scene, aiding in the investigation.The shooting comes on the heels of the Manchester and London terror attacks, and exactly one week before the one-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub attack, which also happened in Orlando. Shelley Adams said her sister, Sheila Mc Intyre, called her from Fiamma's bathroom during the shooting and was very upset. Authorities closed the road near the scene and have urged motorists to 'use caution'.

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Neumann had a slew of arrests for minor crimes including drug possession and DUI.

He is seen in an array of mugshots from 1995 to his most recent in 2010.

The findings affect more than nine million people in Britain who have used a dating site or app.

Those who have never looked for a partner online were found to spend much less time thinking about their appearance because they were not being ‘validated by others’.

Surprisingly men on the internet dating site suffered from the lowest self-esteem.

The authors write that the ultimate goal of modern dating is to be matched with someone, so people might not hesitate to pose for pictures in a way that draws attention to themselves and try to look attractive.

According to Army records, he was honorably discharged in 1999.

Investigators are 'trying to understand as much about [Neumann] as we can,' Demings said.

The organizers revealed his 14-year-old cheerleader daughter Deleaney and 18-year -old football star son Gavin are now orphans. According to the Orlando Sentinel, he had only started working at Fiamma a short time before he died His older brother, Chris Clark, said he started as a temporary employee before taking a full-time position.