The messages, through which men are supposed to captivate us with their charm and wit, are used primarily for "Hey what's up" and lewd comments.

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Lots of men were pursuing their education and simply didn't have time to date.

A common issue for numerous men was simply not knowing where to look to find eligible bachelorettes.

"Between work and school I don't really have much time to get out and socialize with new people," one user said.

"In class, I purposely isolate myself from anyone I know or could know for the benefit of my grades." He created a POF account after a female friend urged him to give it a try. Another user says his POF account is not something he takes very seriously. If I meet someone I end up spending my life with, even better.

Even though I grew up in a technological age, I fear we have become too plugged in.

With the constant advancements in the field of social media, we no longer need to call someone to see how they're doing, as we can read statuses and tweets about their lives from a device that fits nicely into the palm of our hands.

No one is going to win with a shining personality when they are being judged solely on the main image they uploaded to their profile.

I had presumed online dating was a little less superficial, hence its popularity.

The amount of mirror pictures is almost surreal and everyone has at least one shirtless shot.