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5 Ways to change for the better while attracting and dating higher quality men1. While your physical appearance initially catches a man's eyes, it's who you are on the inside that captivates his heart.

Make peace with your past by resolving disappointment and heartache from previous dates and relationships not working out.

Related: 10 Dating Tips I REALLY Wish I'd Followed While I Was Single Once they internalize and understand they are standing in their own way, it transforms their experience of dating and relationships.

I share this with you because when you truly get that you are standing in your own way, this realization will empower and inspire you to create the dating experience you've always desired.

Not everybody is just after mere sex and fun with t-girls, there is a consistent amount of people wishing something more than some moments of pleasure.

We do know how complicated is love between men and transwomen.

By changing yourself, you break the pattern of dating guys who don't respect, value and appreciate you.

And in the process, you attract and date higher quality men.

Become the best version of you by doing the inner work.

In doing so, you will radiate energy that is irresistible and let your inner beauty shine through. You're Girlfriend Material Consistently practicing these 5 ways will lead to higher quality men showing up in your life.

If you've been disappointed by the guys you've dated, or feel like dating is hard, I'd like you to know that you can change your experience of dating for the better.