Western Christendom till the Reformation was Latin; even now the Protestant bodies still bear unmistakably the mark of their Latin ancestry. In a still broader sense the East may be called Greek.True, many Eastern Churches know nothing of Greek; the oldest (Nestorians, Armenians, Abyssinians) have never used Greek liturgically nor for their literature; nevertheless they too depend in some sense on a Greek tradition. vi) there were three patriarchates, those of Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch.

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He, became a dating coach himself, sometimes freelancing for New York Dating Coach, other times taking on private clients.

But he doesn’t charge for the one-on-one coaching he offers people like Sam and the dating seminars he conducts at Footsteps, a nonprofit that helps OTD’ers assimilate.

Pollack brought a girl with him and Irenstein pulled him aside to say, “She likes you. Since growing out of baby clothes, Pollack had worn nothing but the requisite white button-down shirt and black pants. We stand outside Barnes & Noble, watching the people pass.

Kiss her.” Never having kissed a girl, he was scared, but with Irenstein’s encouragement, he went for it. Irenstein points to a woman sitting nearby, engrossed in her Black Berry, and starts feeding Sam lines: “Tell her you’re waiting for somebody and that it looks like she’s waiting for somebody,” Irenstein suggests.

The division of Eastern and Western Churches, then, in its origin corresponds to that of the empire.

Western Churches are those that either gravitate around Rome or broke away from her at the Reformation.

By the end of his session with Sam, he’ll have Sam approaching girls, trying to score a phone number, or at least to touch an elbow during some flirtatious banter.

At 29, Irenstein was married with two daughters, living in the Hasidic community he’d grown up in.

” to the commonplace concerns of men on the New York dating scene: “How many dates before I should allow her to split the check?

” Irenstein doesn’t just answer their questions about the game; he shoves the men out onto the field.

He was less interested in learning pickup lines and routines than he was in retraining his brain; he wanted to project self-confidence.