The negative thing about Oslo is, obviously, that it is incredibly expensive for anyone who isn’t making a living in Norwegian (NOK; 1 €uro ~ 9 Norwegian kroner).

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The flybussen bus service comes in second in terms of speed and convenience, but also charges almost 20€ (175 NOK) for a simple 30 min drive to the city center of Oslo.

Compare the 20€ for the short ride to the center of Oslo to the 10€ you will pay for the 400km ride from Berlin to Wroclaw Poland via and you get a first idea of what living (and spending) in Oslo will be like.

with all the single male travelers planning to set foot in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Named the “Tiger City” among locals, Oslo has a certain lure among travelers.

As a city it is famous for Nobel peace prize awards (the only Nobel prize not awarded in Stockholm, Sweden), cross country skiing and, of course, beautiful women.

Life just isn't as meaninful without someone fun to spend your time with.

Come inside and meet single Norwegians in your local area at Norwegian Friends Lutefisk, skiing, having fun outdoors, whatever your passions are, Norwegian Friends Date is the ultimate single community for Norwegians.#1 Gardemoen (OSL): Located 50 km north of the city center Gardemoen is Oslo’s main international airport.There are several shuttle services that will all bring you to the city center in about half an hour.Like most little boys, I believed nothing less than a Princess could make my dreams come true. I still get that special feeling like when I was a kid. I enjoy day trips to Kemah or Galveston (26hrs drive) or wherever, with that special someone. Let’s have a look at some cheap flights to Oslo as well as the great alternative of traveling to Oslo.