Set your email account to be the default on the Email tab.Set the account to be the default data file on the Data Files tab.This means if you are viewing the calendar in data file and start a new message, Outlook will use the account to send the message.

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You'll need to move or copy existing appointments and contacts to the new data file.

You can move the appointments and contacts between folders within Outlook using drag and drop or the Move to command.

(Outlook 2007 will sync and Office 365 Exchange accounts until October 31, 2017; after that date, Outlook 2007 users will need to upgrade, use Windows 10 Mail, or switch to POp3 or IMAP for email-only.) All you need is a Microsoft Account. You do not need to configure to pull in your other email accounts to use it for Calendar and Contacts.

If you have a Microsoft account for your personal address, you will need to add an alias to the account before you can add it to Outlook. In fact, I do not recommend adding your email account as a connected account to - use only for calendar and contacts.

With the move to the new server, the Outlook Connector no longer works.

Out of the box, Outlook 2010 SP1, Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2016 use the default account for Send to commands but not for new messages created while viewing a data file that is used for delivery.If you are using a non-Microsoft domain (like,, or your own domain name), you'll need to add an alias to your account before you can set it up in Outlook.When the account is hosted on the new servers, it can be added to Outlook as an Exchange account but you'll need to use auto-account setup to set it up.See registry edit for default accounts for details (includes a ready-to-use reg file). This option was added to Outlook 2016's Mail settings.In File, Options, Mail, look in the Send messages section about two-thirds down for Always use the default account when composing new messages.This puts the calendar in the To-Do bar and new appointments and contacts will go into it's Calendar and Contacts folder. If you want to remove the calendar and contacts folder from the your "real" account uses, see Delete Special folders.