Pregnant or not, women came together within the secure and comfortable domestic interior, strengthening female ties within the household and across the community and extended family.The chapters work well in connection to each other, leaving the reader of this volume satisfied with their breadth and coherence.The introduction discusses silk weaving, production, attribution, and dating.

This chapter also complements Mc Donald’s investigation into female agency within the domestic space.

Following the model of liturgical and private devotional practices centered on the Visitation of the Virgin Mary and her cousin Elisabeth, women began to increase the number and significance of family visits.

As so few actual textiles have survived from this period, Monnas’s clever analysis of both extant Renaissance silks and the depiction of silks in paintings provides the reader with greater insight regarding this highly-valued material.

This book is comprised of an introduction, nine chapters, an epilogue, eight appendices including glossaries and transcribed documents, eight tables providing silk dimensions and prices, a bibliography, and an index.

Although the title of the book specifies 1300 to 1550 as the time period that the book will cover, chapter 9 and the epilogue expand well beyond this limit and bring the analysis to the present day.

Due to its broad aims, there is no doubt that this book will become an essential source for European costume studies.Everything can be changed thus giving the owner the possibility to create a whole new design, specific for his/her site.Everything is easy to install and configure and offers complete freedom for both the user and the owner.The content is organized on specific categories (that can be changed) and, in order to respect modern requirements, each theme is completely responsive and supports crossbrowser compatibility.This allows any type of user to access your site and have a wonderful experience while doing so.Monnas’s comprehensive study presents detailed information on the cost and elaborate workmanship of these lavish fabrics, the potential meanings symbolized by its decoration and use, and the manner in which painters incorporated these silks into their works.