Losing your car is the last thing you need when you're tired and just want to get home so you can shower. Take screenshots of your online windows so if you lose service, you can still access the information.Festival venues are notorious for having bad cell phone service.Beyond that, we've seen companies like Simpl grow and add more merchants, while the likes of Flipkart and Zomato are also adding support.

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Don't drain all your battery by relying on GPS during the drive to the venue.

Instead, turn off your location services after taking the screenshot and refer to photos of the directions. Take a picture of a landmark near where you parked your car so you can easily find it during the rush at the end of the day.

Hide your cash or IDs in between your phone and the phone case.

You definitely don't need to lug around all your gift cards and credit cards at a music festival.

If you get close to the stage, use this feature to capture lots of photos in rapid succession so you don't miss anything.

Twenty pictures of your favorite DJ are better than one. Use the front camera on your phone for softer photos and the main camera to take more detailed shots.

"One of the biggest testimonies to [the convenience of e Pay Later] is Tatkal booking," says Bhattacharya.

"A little below 50 percent of all tickets being booked are Tatkal tickets, and in Tatkal, at 10AM, you need the transaction to go through very quickly and very reliably.

"With e-commerce, there is full convenience at the time of choosing goods, but this is lost at the time of payments," he adds.

Of course, the addition of IRCTC to e Pay Later's roster of merchants had a huge impact for the company.

You can always #latergram your photos when you have more battery. If the venue allows selfie sticks (Coachella and Lollapalooza have banned them), use yours to take photos of the stage when you can't see over a crowd of people.