Get too worried about what could potentially happen and not what realistically will and there is no point even looking.

Meeting ppl off the internet NOW is more dangerous than what it was years ago.

Nowadays I will make sure that the person I'm meeting or want to meet, that I know him well enough to meet them.

And this is the perfect way for someone with that trait to operate.

For as many times as I have heard this topic brought up, I can not believe someone would still be saying, look within.

Here lately though I have been back a few days and I have a lot of women that viewed my profile but only one that started a conversation, and another that I thought was starting a conversation but I believe she just hit the meet me button, and it sent me a reply.

You probably should just get straight to the point with them if they show interest the second day.

Why they disappear is only known to them, and you never see anyone here posting about WHY they just disappear do you?

That may very well be the longest post I have ever made. Typical inaccurate generalization by the unsuccessful. (shakes head) I almost always mention meeting by the 3rd message or have them on the phone by then. They almost always respond positively, want to meet, plan the date, and they all actually show up, and look like their pics.

Then all of a sudden no replies to any message I send!