Did they really want to issue an attack that could be traced back to China?

In fact, the National Bureau of Investigation Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division has been proven ineffective and has no good knowledge on cyber forensics.

This is based on my previous interview of busabos, who leaked a chat log of a conversation he had with an NBI agent.

They are counter-productive and will only add to the tensions.

We call on both Filipino and Chinese netizens to be more responsible and encourage dialogue rather than discord.” However, his statement is of no use because they can’t control the minds of the people behind the cyber-attacks, and the country has no Cyber Security, Forensics and Information Security agency that takes action in this kind of situation.

Last April 23, 2012, the Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda issued an official statement saying: “At around four o’clock in the afternoon of April 23, 2012, the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) noticed a significant spike in traffic with malicious URL requests from forged user-agents being channeled to the Official Gazette website (URL: ph), to the PCDSPO website (URL: and to the Presidential Museum and Library website (URL: causing our servers to momentarily lag.

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