However sex with an older partner comes with its own set of complications.

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An older and more mature man is less likely to be affected by petty concerns and ego-hassles.

In fact you can expect the advantages of a mature personality to extend to your sex life as well.

This does vary with the individual and if you can hold your own, your youth may help you get more importance.

He is looking to boost his ego Even though an older and successful partner might possess emotional maturity and a sense of responsibility, he may choose not to bring those qualities into a relationship.

Wealth is said to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs which is why older richer men have never had any problems in finding young women as partners.

It is only when the notions of equality and mutual respect emerged in modern times that a huge age difference in relationships began to seem out of line.

He has the upper hand The first thing that you need to keep in mind when dating an older, richer man that it highly unlikely you will have a relationship of equals.

Your partner will be the one with the more resources and thus with the greater degree of control in the relationship.

If you are the ambitious sort and more importantly if your partner sees the potential in you, he is well placed to make a few phone calls and unlock a few doors of opportunity for you.