Any created object (except numbers, floats, booleans, and symbols) would count against both memory handles and heap space.

This meant that on an Edge® 1000, which has 1 MB heap for Connect IQ apps, you could run out of memory handles well before you ran out heap memory.

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One of the most requested features from our developer summit was the ability to package code so it can be shared between projects, a la Ruby Gems or Python Packages. They allow code and resources to be packaged into a shareable bundle that can easily be imported into other projects.

Now you can put your shared libraries into their own projects, and make them easily available for others to use.

Second, the dictionary has a serialized size limit of 8 KB, and if the storage crossed over that limit it would not be written to disk. In Connect IQ 2.4 we introduce the use a new on-disk database.

Keys and values in the database are limited to 8 KB, and storing a value no longer costs against your heap usage!

This SDK adds support for the upcoming Descent™ Mk 1 dive watch.

The Descent is the first watch-sized dive computer to offer surface GPS navigation with full-color onscreen mapping and location reference.

Barrels include Jungles inside for their own build configuration, allowing them to have separate build configuration from the parent project.

Jungles make it much easier to manage project build configuration in one place.

# Configure paths based on screen shape round.source Path = $(base.source Path);source-round semi-round.source Path = $(base.source Path);source-semi-round rectangle.source Path = $(base.source Path);source-rectangle .

Jungles can control source path, resource paths, excludes, annotations, and barrels.

Note that for user safety, Connect IQ functions are not available while diving, so we can ensure that all dive capabilities are functioning as they were designed.