Multiple HENkaku users have reported on media sites that the console is now asking them to update in order to access the PSN. The issue impacts both HENkaku and Tai HENkaku users, and will most likely not be fixed anytime soon: The firmware spoofing on the exploit was using the fact that firmwares 3.60 and 3.61 used the same token to identify themselves to the PSN, and Sony had not disabled access to 3.61 users, yet. Loss of PSN access is not the end of the world as a user of the popular PS Vita hack, but it could make a few things harder.In order to copy games and official backups to and from your Vita, the official content manager assistant application will not work anymore.One specifically (PS3 software update 3.21) removed the console owner's ability to load alternative operating systems like Linux.

PUP) using a compatible storage device such as Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, a USB key (FAT32) or PSP.

This document, titled "How To Install a PS3 Update Via a USB Key," is available under the Creative Commons license.

That disasterous showing forced the company to backtrack on a number of requirements, but the fact remains that the Xbox One is essentially a console that requires near-constant internet connection to function as it was originally designed.

We've noted countless times how in the modern computing era, you don't really own what you think you own.

Some people say that this doesn’t work anymore, others have gotten it to work: your mileage might vary here but this is an option you can try if you don’t have a second PS Vita or a PS3.

For those of you who are getting the “you must update the system software” messaging and can’t seem to get rid of it, you might want to try this technique by /talk member hanzyusuf.

You can continue logging in, purchasing items, and playing online without downloading 4.72 if you wanted.

Your Play Station 3 is not connected to the internet? You can download and transfer the update file (PS3UPDAT.

You don't need to update if its a incremented update notated in the thousandths place.