Other events, like tourist booms and business meetings, will cause many cargo items and passengers to want to go to the city where the event is taking place.

You can view a list of current events from the Pocket Planes menu.

Every so often Nimble Bit releases an update to Pocket Planes, usually fixing bugs.

If you have reached your maximum number of airports (which can be seen in the Stats screen in the Pocket Planes menu), you will need to close one of your existing airports before you can open the airport in the event city.

If you don't have any airports near the event city, you might also need to open airports nearby.

On the Flight Crew screen, under "Global Event", it lists the event city where you will need to deliver cargo and passengers in order to participate in the global event.

If you don't have an airport in the city, you will have to spend the coins to open an airport there before you can participate in the global event.

You can see the flight crew's rank by tapping the Leaderboard button on the Flight Crew screen, as well as your individual rank within the flight crew.

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Events are random occurrences that take place in a particular city.

Some events, such as weather events or computer failures, might cause an airport to close.

There are other flight crews, some of which are very popular, including #toucharcade and #nimblewiki.

Joining a popular flight crew increases your chances of getting a better prize.

You can move your planes to other cities by viewing a plane in an airport, tapping the plane info button (which has a picture of an airplane and a magnifying glass), then tapping Remove.