However, you will be heartly welcomed to a short time "test visit". If you have a GPS navigator or a Smart Phone, you may download the locations of the campings, resorts and beaches from this KML file. If an event is not connected to a location, it will be listed anyway.

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Children are in the early stages of developing attitudes that will follow them throughout their lives.

It is far better for them to develop a healthy attitude while young than to try to change later in life when it is so difficult.

People, generally, are friendlier and interact more easily and quickly when nude.

By meeting at clubs or beaches with people from all over the country and the world there is a kind of national and international camaraderie that develops.

Be Bare, on the other hand, is completely different.

Treat our free picture gallery as a virtual tour into the world of nudism.

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The naturist campings and resorts are owned or rented by naturist organizations, and membership in a club associated with the International Naturist Federation is usually required for access. If you want to limit the list to contain only nearby events, give your Norwegian og Swedish postal code.

Normally, a membership in a naturist association is required, but some association welcome other guests as well.