There was no “illegal blockade” by any of the card companies.Master Card, VISA and others just aren’t as open to manipulation as Catalonian banks.This is the real reason for Wikileaks’ sudden interest in Catalonian separatism.

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Assange’s “job” is to cause social unrest on the streets of Catalonia, using separatists and grass roots hysteria to affect shareholders of major Catalonia banking institutions including Santander, Sabadell and Caixa Bank.

Above, Spanish Civil Guard riot police burst into polling stations.

Statement by Todd and Clare Privacy and First Amendment Advocacy (TCPFAA)Much of the shadow cryptocurrency being held by the Sunshine Press is not legimitate, Wikileaks actually never received that much in donations.

With the Mt Gox scam profitable again, the American-hating Wikileaks financial structure that has been funded by the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring and organized crime links, is taking advantage of the banking crisis in Catalonia to launder Gox-originated bitcoins through banks in Catalonia, Basque and Gibraltar in bitcoins, Z-cash and other shadow cryptocurrencies.

Last week we published our investigators findings of the existence of flight logs that corroborate that Assange was aboard a jet with Epstein, from Lynden Pindling to Little St James, on at least 4 occasions.

One of the minors who was on the 3rd flight is named Melanie.Ties with Mt Gox — the Corrupt Bitcoin Exchange The background on this is deep.Epstein lost a powerful ally with Karpelès being caught up in the Japanese judicial system, and the failure of the Mt Gox bitcoin exchange which was a sub routing network for Epstein’s money backers.Wikileaks is deliberately fueling Catalonia Separatist hysteria.Wikileaks #Catalonia tweets are timed to coordinate with a wider money laundering operation that benefits a small group of financiers associated with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein turning shadow cryptocurrency into Catalonian gold.Wikileaks’ #Catalonia tweets are designed to stir emotional chaos in Spain.