"Resolve your guilt and commit to being the best single parent you can," Dr. Dilemma: My ex and I share custody of our sons, but their mom has very different rules at her house than I do.

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As long as basic needs are met, and kids know that you are doing all you can, they can accept the reality."Dilemma: When I have a stressful day at work or with my toddler, I find myself complaining about it to my teenage daughter.

I don't want to burden her, but it's hard not to confide in her when she's the only one there to listen. But when you share your emotional burdens with your kids you are asking them to carry the weight of your fears, or insecurities on top of their own.

) and instead do something around the neighborhood.

"The point is to talk, connect, and make lots of good eye contact," Dr. Dilemma: Now that I'm the sole breadwinner, I'm constantly stressed about making ends meet.

"Regardless of how much kids ask for material things, what they really care about is how stressed their parents are," she says.

"Ultimately, happy and connected parents make happy kids.And if that doesn't work, there's no shame in paying for it. Solution: "While your children are very young, especially from birth to five years, it may be easiest on you and your kids to hold off on serious dating until you have less immediate demands," Dr. "If you need occasional romantic socialization, causal dating once or twice per month will help to meet some of your emotional needs," he says.Ask for handyman recommendations from your friends or social media contacts or check listings on Craigslist or Angie's List. If you have a shared custody arrangement, plan dates when your kids are at your ex's house or hire a babysitter.D., licensed psychologist and family therapist in the Boston area."Choose two to three points of time during the day to connect with your kids such as at breakfast, dinner, and tuck-in." You don't need to play dolls or kick the soccer ball around for an hour.Call a friend, join a single parent support group, look for single parent chat boards, or search for a activity in your area. "Keep a big calendar on the refrigerator to write everything down on, blocking out the time your kids are with your ex and noting all their activities," Dr. "It's also a good idea to e-mail your ex every Sunday with your understanding of the coming week's schedule.