Natural born medium & clairvoyant possessing the ability to connect quickly and provide clear answers with precise details. No matter how much I contact her, she assures me with ACCURACY AND DETAILS that it's going to happen.

Born & consecrated within the 21 Divisions (otherwise known as "Dominican Vodou") HABLO ESPAÑOL Anaisa told me she sees a court issue coming up.

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unsure about your love life, relationship, marriage, or if he/she is your soul-mate Allow me the opportunity to look in to these questions.

I will analyze your situation, by looking can to the Past – Present & Future pinpointing exactly what is going on if there blockages and where are they coming from.

(Your losses are your own responsibility, of course.) Self Help Picks:   E-IQ Test Emotional Intelligence Test   Gender Purity Test Human Sexuality - Sex Education   Psychology Self Help Books   Classic Love Poems, Love Poem Archives   Golden Retriever Magic; Personality Test Why Diet Pills & Programs Fail   Self Help Psych; Read Free- Book Online   Anger Management   Love Test; Love Quiz Zelda's free love readings and sage reading advice reflect her extensive experience in reading matters of the heart.

Advice and readings too on matters of beauty, relationship, dating, and sex.

I am a spiritual advisor, psychic, and medium with many years of experience, I am able to read into any situation (not only into love and relationships) and I assure you clear and detailed answers.

My spiritual practice and path is the 21 Divisions, a spiritual system deriving from my home country the Dominican Republic, I was born naturally into this calling, the 21 Divisions is also known as Dominican Santeria or Dominican Vodou and those who practice it are normally born into it rather than seeking for it, it is a calling of following the spirits that we honor as our saints and guides, each spirit reigns over different aspects of our lives, when it comes to love guidance and readings I rely on the help of my guides (Anaisa Pye being the main one, a spirit of love, passion, and all things related to emotions as well as material well being) I am able to instantly connect with both the person coming to me for a reading and the person in question via the assistance of my main spirit guide Anaisa Pye.

With my abilities I am able to link in fast to people's emotions and thoughts.

I can tell you whether the person you are interested in has the same feelings for you, if they are being true to you or not, I can describe a person's intention and so on.

Please note that readings and tuning into your energies does take time, I do not perform "one-minute" readings.

I am a real, authentic intuitive reader and will bring you honest answers and the truth as your guides bring fourth the information and details for you.

In my readings you will notice that I truly flow with information as detailed and swiftly as possible without delays.