We will set single optin for this campaign after short verification.Warning: If you use this method as a way to handle your registration form, then you need to remember that this method does not allow to resubscribe a contact that was unsubscribed via a link, and also it is impossible to resend confirmation email using this kind of form.

Web Hooks provide a means to push messages, lifecycle events and presence events to your servers over HTTP reliably. If you are interested in using message queues, or have any questions, please do get in touch with us.

The traditional Publish-Subscribe pattern for data dissemination involves producers of data who publish events and consumers who subscribe to and receive the events.

Warning: To update existing contact use methods such as set_contact_name, set_contact_customs or set_contact_cycle. Warning: Optin setting is locked to double optin by default - confirmation email will be sent to newly added contacts.

If you want to add contacts already confirmed on your side please contact us using this form and provide us with your campaign name and the description of your business model.

All interaction with the server is done through key-value pairs.

Both the key and the value may be any Serializable object (for Java) or Data Serializable objects.Clients may request an initial snapshot of data from the server in order to populate their Level 1 cache.They may register interest in insertions, updates and deletions for subsets of region data by specifying individual keys, lists of keys, regular expressions (that are evaluated against the keyset on the server) against the region on the server.Publishers are abstracted from availability or the speed of individual subscribers.Event delivery to subscribers is usually done asynchronously.In this article we explore the juxtaposition of a Pub/Sub fan-out pattern and a Queue based pattern and why both are sometimes needed.