I love the dialogue that we share and how down to earth we are with each other!Partnerships like this make our jobs so much more enjoyable and easy to deal with!

You really helped me understand the aggregate spend issues I should consider.” “I want to thank Med Pro Customer Service for your responsiveness and helpfulness when I email. ” “Using Med Pro our validation rates have become really-really good, to the point I am receiving emails from sales representatives happy they can sample practitioners which were never successfully validated in the past.” “Med Pro provides NP/PA data at much more granular level than we have ever received, this has allowed us to discontinue use of our NP/PA enrollment forms.

It seems to be pretty rare when someone gets right back to us about a question or problem we have, and you always respond in a very timely manner. In the past we have been tainted by vendors that do not have the needed level of due diligence, Med Pro is not one of these.

Now she spends less 30 minutes to an hour a day doing the same job.

” “Regarding Med Pro Quick Serach in Web ID for Google Like Searching - "We’ve been loving it!

You all were always first class in your product, and even more importantly, you personally delivered first class customer service to us.” “Wanted to let you know how impressed I've been with the Med Pro team.

Working with you has really improved our understanding of the sample validation process. ” “All of you at Med Pro are by far my favorite vendor to work with.

No matter what company I'm working for, there you are!

” “If you could please send the contract for Med Pro Concur Connect...

You guys were fantastic and from an IT perspective you're getting a lot of good press.