Jalapeños are pretty much a nonnegotiable ingredient for cooking à la Rachael Ray — leave it to her to make poppers a vital step for dip, mac and cheese, sliders, and basically anything you’d want to be delish.So, naturally, Shake Shack is making them the star of its newest limited-edition burger, created to celebrate a decade of Every Day with Rachael Ray.like when a tile or something is not painted properly," she says.

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"One of the things that was most important was to not make it a stage, and we wanted it to be interactive," executive producer Terence Noonan says. about 200-210 -- lending itself to a more "intimate" feel.

There also will be a special section for audience members who will be tweeting during the show.

Everything was repainted and there's new material." As for what viewers at home will see, "everything about it is so much prettier," Johnston adds.

"The difference is night and day." As for the switch to HD, "viewers see every little thing about the [contestants] now.

"I think people will a much more personal side of him this season." set tweaks were a result of its transition to high-def, executive producer Gaby Johnston says.

The podiums, lighting and graphics are among the features that got updated on the long-running game show, which is distributed by Debmar-Mercury and produced by Fremantle Media North America.

"We did the podiums particularly because the shots of families are going to be different in high-def, so we had to make those longer," she says, adding it because of the new cameras, it "took a lot of research to get it right." Johnston adds that the crew pored over the entire set with a fine-toothed comb to make sure nothing was amiss.

"If you go into high-def, you notice things in the back ...

Here's a breakdown of each show's set changes, along with photos. 10) The Anderson Cooper-hosted show is going live and relocating from Jazz at Lincoln Center's Allen Room to the CBS Broadcast Center in New York for its second season.

Along with that, the Warner Bros.-distributed talker is getting a brand-new set. The producers are also out on the floor, so there's a lot of interaction between him and the staff." The new set also features several windows, controllable lights, more entrances and more places to put monitors, while the seating is actually smaller than before -- room for 300 audience members vs.

The new set also features a 60-inch plasma screen monitor that will be used to show clips while Ray is cooking and flexible, switchable mirror film behind which the audience will be able to watch activities taking place -- say, a cookoff -- at the touch of a button.