Along with this, Priyanka Vohra height and details about Priyanka Vohra parents will also be known in a short while if and when she decides to be a part of film fraternity. Her looks and appearance would confuse you to guess if she is a foreigner or Indian.

There are many pictures of the VJ’s wife online on various internet websites which shows that she has the features and the elegance comparable to that of celebrities.

However, Priyanka Vohra education and her adolescent years were completed in London, UK.

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Priyanka has been spotted alongside Rannvijay at many events after their marriage.

The Roadies anchor has posted pictures of their honeymoon and the latest trip to Japan which shows that how much in love the couple really is.

Rannvijay Singh and Priyanka is a couple who complement each other completely. She has very effectively adapted to her star husband’s busy schedule.

The couple got married in the mid 2014 and Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra wedding date is 10th April, 2014.

Rannvijay Singh is a famous and popular name in the Indian Television and Film industry. The handsome hunk has gained a lot of popularity with his TV shows and is listed among the heartthrobs of the country.

Rannvijay Singh wedding happened in 2014 and this news spread like fire because nothing was revealed and people only got to know through social media.

However, Priyanka Vohra brothers were quite seen during her wedding.

As a matter of fact, Rannvijay Singh wife wiki does not exist as of now, given the fact that she is not too famous in the industry.

It was few days after the marriage, Rannvijay posted pictures of the event on his social media account which spread like fire.

They share a lovable and powerful bond which has grown over the years while they were dating and this marriage has strengthened it fully.

Since then, she has been spotted many a times with her husband at various parties and events.