But the danger of doing that is that those feelings haven’t gone away – they are just lying dormant and could re-appear at any time.

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Taking Time To Heal Opening Up to the Experience Preparing to Meet Someone Community Q&A Dating after a divorce is a big step for many people.

It can signify healing, transition, and the willingness to start something new with someone new.

But if and when you do – how can you do so with confidence?

The following list of suggested dos and don’ts may give you some ideas to get you started.

Resources: VIDEO: Andy Stanley – SEX, LOVE AND DATING DUMP YOUR BAGGAGE: Discover how to enter your next relationship at your best!

Monthly Book Giveaway: Enter now for a chance to win a FREE BOOK! Some people are tempted to block out the negative feelings or try to bury them.They throw themselves into their work, partying, friendships or even other relationships.It’s a hard journey to learn to ‘lay yourself down’ for others in a healthy sense and not be the victim.But I am learning to change and take responsibility for my behaviour.” You may want to talk to a trusted friend or a counsellor if you find it hard to dissect your relationship history on your own.The end of a relationship is for most people a traumatic experience and in many ways feels similar to a bereavement.