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The three layers deeper approximately have an older age than another location in Cilacap.

Content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

Paleo-tsunami layer was identified by the presence of light-sand in the upper part of paleo-soil, liquefaction fine grain sandstone, and many rip-up clast of mudstone.

The systematic samples were taken and analysis (micro-fauna, grainsize and dating analysis).

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The samples which were taken in Glempang Pasir layer are being dated using Pb – Zn (Lead-Zinc) method.

The result of Pb - Zn (Lead-Zinc) dating shows that PS-A was deposited in 139 years ago, PS-B in 21 years ago, and PS C in 10 years ago.

Paleo-tsunami layers in Cilacap area are correlated using paleo-soil as marker.