But she was found Monday night in Garfield, a town about 20 minutes away. But it eventually ended up at an animal shelter and its photo was posted on a Facebook page for lost and found pets.

Leonia police posted pictures of Maggie online Tuesday and were contacted by someone who thought she resembled a dog on the Facebook page.

Glenn's son Deacon is a pretty good musician and... Vince Gill has been a really good friend fo the band for a long time, and he grew up listening to the Eagles.

"So we figured we would at least try it and see where it went and we worked on it and thought it through and we tried it out in Los Angeles and it was just magic. It was received wonderfully and the energy that we all have is very, very healing, so I think Glenn would be proud of this adn we decided to do it some more."Walsh added that the group is still in the baby steps faze, however.

It's called Liife, which reads like a typo but isn't.

is, he says, “all about capturing key moments in your life – past and present.

Lightning rarely strikes twice, but let's not overlook that initial contribution of his.

Just as Rick and Ilsa will always have Paris, we will always have the treasured memory of that once new-fangled thing called a website in which we first discovered that old friends hadn't forgotten us after all, just as we hadn't forgotten them.

“Sad to hear Friends Reunited is shutting,” Jon Ronson tweeted on Monday in response to the news.

“I've happy memories of finding the boy who threw me in a lake and telling him I'm now a best-selling author.” Its website was basic and clunky, but in the first few years of the 21st century all websites were basic and clunky.

The reunited Eagles have added four more dates to their flight plan for the fall. 30 show in Seattle -- following the well-received Classic West and Classic East stadium concerts during July -- the group begins a four-show "An Evening with the Eagles" run on Oct. Tickets for the four new dates go on sale at 10 a.m. 19) with an American Express card member pre-sale starting Tuesday. Schmit joined by Frey's son Deacon and Vince Gill.

17 at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina, followed by Oct. Walsh told earlier this summer that the success of the two Classic concerts in Los Angeles and New York were directly responsible for the group's decision to play more dates.

The TV channel cut its losses four years later, and sold the site to DC Thomson for £25m.