Actually, I didn’t join Wealthy Affiliate when I first saw them (early July 2009) because I was very skeptical when it comes to people claiming that they can teach you how to make money online.As much as possible I wanted to look for free resources but in my experience it’s really hard to get any considerable progress by relying on free stuff.

You’ll have access to training materials that will teach you the fundamentals as well as some advanced concepts that will take your business to the next level.

My favorite tool that I use inside WA is their free keyword research tool but one of the huge benefits of being inside WA is their supportive community.

I do not use their hosting platform not because it’s not stable or anything but because I was already using Hostgator and I’m already used to it.

What I don’t like about the WA hosting though is that you don’t have access to your own cpanel.

There are also live weekly webinars, question and answer, real time chat, video training, etc.

I will continue to update this section to share with you some of the free training materials inside Wealthy Affiliate.With the WA keyword research tool, all I need is to do is just click a link and it will just pop a window out with the information I need.Many members are using the WA hosting platform but I’m not one of them.That way you can better judge the materials instead of me trying to pimp it for you.I highly recommend that you check out the DO NOT make the mistake of ignoring and underestimating the value of this course just because it’s free.I’ve used the other tools inside such as the link tracking, rapid writer and keyword lists but only when I was just starting out.