Brung sees her relationship with Khong Khai as a getaway from her abusive adoptive family, especially her brother who has feelings for her.Brung’s adoptive family is interested in Khong Khai’s family business and they are willing to do anything to get full control.

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Arunprapai is pretty, simple, hard working, and honest.

Arunprapai agrees to marry Khong Khai to escape from her ex boyfriend.

Let’s just say that Brung also doesn’t push Khong Khai to be the best version of himself – successful and hard working.

This is the first drama that made me hate the pra’ek with a passion.

If it’s not the truth then we’ll have to give a thumbs up to the leading couple who are very sweet on screen with their chemistry that lakorn fans are cheering for them to get together and wants them to pair up (in real life).” (Rose Without A Thorn), the Phra Aek, “Rome” Patchata Nampan is being kept a close eye on how he’s falling into the enchanted cheerful charms of the Nang Aek, played by “Yaya” Urassaya Sperbuen.

Whenever their eyes meet, ants are about to crawl up the screen and a gossiper hurried to report it that the couple are secretly crushing on one another off screen already!

Back in 2008, his pictures as a gay model contestant was public on internet.

Even though that rumor happened, he still one of the hottest Thai model who proved himself as a winner of the Top Model and Refreshing Guy of M Thailand 2005.

She does her best to create misunderstandings between the couple and that isn’t too hard to do.

Khong Khai doesn’t give much respect to his legal wife. At business functions, Brung wants to be recognized at his partner even when Arunprapai is present.

Suddenly actor “Rome” Patchata Nampan falls in a rumour with charming divorcee “Boom” Panadda – who is known for landing into rumours with younger men. My mom attends functions with me regularly and I feel you are better off asking her about this yourself because I really don’t know what she said about it.