I hate to disappoint you, but that type of thinking is just a stereotype........On Sunday May 11, 2003 a top-rating TV program "60 Minutes" (Channel Nine, Australia) used the pages of an Internet agency Elena's Models and photos of the members of Elena's Models as illustrations to a story about immigration scams, "Russian Roulette".In addition to being an experienced and knowledgeable trainer, I maintain flexible hours and extremely competitive rates.

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I believe your health and physical improvement are my first priority.

I promise to do my job in the gym, and, if you want results, you will have to do your part outside the gym.

Hi my name is Ashley Blackstone and I want to thank you for visiting our site. I have been privileged with a successful career and a loyal clientele.

I have been an ACE certified fitness trainer for over 15 years. I attribute this success to my compassion, work ethic, ability to individualize goals and exercise routines. They have ranged in age between 10 and 88 years old.

The fact that 60 Minutes abused the image of Elena's Models does not make any difference.

The owner of this agency is Russian woman anyway........

They are a time to focus on yourself and the positive atmosphere in which you are in.

Most of my clients love the environment, and they graciously endure the workouts and come back for more.

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