During the evenings, take a romantic stroll on the beach, enjoy the nightly entertainment, dance at the disco, or grab a specialty cocktail from the bar while chatting with friends.You may also take excursions to the rainforest, national parks, and Arenal Volano.

Enjoy the glistening beach or head to the swimming pools to experience the tropical lifestyle.

If you’re interested, participate in aqua sports such as diving, kayaking, and snorkeling.

The movie is an irreverent detective caper starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling set in the '70’s porn underground.

As such, the music becomes a whole character in the film, drenching the audience in an orgy of sexy, smooth, jangly, trumpeting, rhythmic atmosphere.

The package also includes a nude 3D centerfold, 3D glasses, MR: Yes, you certainly have! I want the song to work, I want the emotional center of the song to be clear, and I totally love that process.

So traditionally, innovation has been a staple for the group, whether it's in the minutiae of the lyrics, production, videos, or stage act. I love writing songs, I love, like you said, getting into the minutiae of the lyrics. Then it's like a gear shift and you go into recording, and I love that process.Do you have a preference when you're creating and delivering music? Then it's about serving the song and trying to do what you think might be the best version of that song.Then you shift gears again and go into live, and what is necessarily the best version of the song on the record is not necessarily how the song will work best live.Wine and dine at the buffet, snack bar, Italian a la carte restaurant, and Oriental a la carte restaurant.There is also an exclusive Royal Club lounge for members.The chance to get out in front of people when you're confident in your songs and you're confident in your performance and just have fun with the crowd? Most of the set was taken to that third level, all of the songs having changed or grown over the years.