While they are getting to ride, the regular line waits.

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Here is an example: In the scenario above, let’s say that a new SCCM client is added to SCCM at pm on Monday.

It will fall into the “All Systems” collection within 30 minutes, so about pm.

Hello I am new to SCCM and came into an environment where it was started, but not finished months ago.

With that in mind, I want to run through what I have done to try and begin using it.

In a large environment I was in with many, many collections (thousands) I’ve seen it set as high as 90 minutes. If you are seeing issues with your collection updates, take a look at your environment and see if you have any of the issues I’ve listed. Contact Model to set up some time to chat and don’t hesitate to check out our services for a better idea of how we can help you!

In part 2, I go a little deeper, even giving some SQL queries that can be run against the SCCM database to identify these issues, along with a few new ones.

Fix: All collections times in the limiting train need to be in Ascending order from All Systems to the “IBM Laptop Devices” Collection.

Here is one example of a simple fix: In the scenario above, clients will now move from “All Systems” to “IBM Laptop Devices” somewhere in the range of 2 hours if added before pm, and as many as 24 hours if added after pm.

At pm on Tuesday, the client moves into the “Dallas Devices” collection.

At pm on Wednesday, the client moves into the “IBM Laptop Devices” collection. The update times are get earlier as we move closer to the “IBM Laptop Devices” collection.

However, the updates are not being installed at all or during the configured maintenance window.