Is it really that hard to ask for his phone number?

These encounters are a total confidence hike and you remember just how good-looking you are.

Well, I didn’t fall in love with my one-night stand: I fell in love with the guy who asked if he could stay and make me breakfast that first night, who invited me over to his room to chat later that week, who genuinely seemed interested in my summer internship, and who took me out on a date and thought I was cute and a little clumsy when I was really just drunk (don’t pre-game dates, guys).

After our second date, we came back to my apartment and started talking about how much fun we had together. He left and I went to bed, blissful and excited about my new relationship.

This is not one of those things where someone has assessed your personality, your background, your treatment of the waiter, and your choice in movies and decided that, based on a variety of factors, that they would like to pursue you.

Someone looked at you, liked what they saw, and went for it.

Pick up any book, read any magazine, or watch any movie targeted toward single women, and you’ll pick up a handful of tips on places to find a potential boyfriend: at sports bars, in the frozen food aisle, at closing time at the Laundromat.

But they always overlook the man that could be right underneath you: the guy you accidentally brought home last weekend after a makeout session at the bar.

Oh my gosh you guys, first it was the end of dating, not it's the end of kissing? (Well, it's not money, if you're single).

OK, this is probably not the most unbiased opinion, but Gillette (of razor fame) is wondering if an increase in facial stubble is slowly but surely becoming the death of the kiss.

Then, one small, innocuous thing changed my life forever: I had to go to the bathroom.

On my way back, I ran into this scruffy guy from my English class, or, as I should’ve known him, my fiction editor, the only member of my staff I forgot to invite to my party. We ended up chatting for awhile: minute one, his hand was on the edge of the railing of the wheelchair ramp I was resting on but by minute thirty, it was around my waist. We stayed up all night, talking and not talking, and, completely unexpectedly, I had a lot of fun. You don’t think they’ll last, so you’re totally open about yourself. Again, it’s not someone you like or that you’re really invested in, so you’re not afraid to ask for exactly what you want: harder, slower, on top of the covers with the lights off and no talking.

As part of a relationship, guys next door are typically the kind who seem quite casual about dating- they don't try it on fast.