I did not mind the proximity to the lavatory, but it was a bit cold up there.Overall one of the best seats if you don't want to pay extra. There is no one behind you, so no problems with people bumping into you as they get up and down from their seats.Food and IFE were ok, and had their ups and downs, but the amenity kit was very grateful. I was constantly bumped and "run into" by passengers- very uncomfortable AND ANNOYING. The seat itself was comfortable and the service excellent - in fact I made it a point to write a letter to Qantas to let them know just how wonderful and attentive the staff were. Seat was wider than economy, was comfortable but extra seat back reclining not all that impressive over economy. The noise level from the flight attendants talking all the time was as bad as all the noise from the food preparation.

This new reconfiguration seats a total of 484 passengers: 14 First class suites, 64 fully-flat Business class skybeds, 35 Premium Economy seats and 371 Economy seats.

The first reconfigured aircraft entered service on 20 June 2012.

The window seat has great storage -so if storage is important for you maybe opt for another seat. I was told by Qantas travel agent who booked our entire 3 week trip that seat had full extension of foot rest. Would fly qnatas again, would consider business though - or just economy bu upper deck. On a flight that was half empty, not good enough Qantas, as I'm a frequent flyer too!

The little economy cabin upstairs on the QF 380's is much better than downstairs - less noise, less people and no babies (no wall-mounted basinets). All the A & K seats upstairs have the little bins below the window for your stuff!

Seat 35F, very uncomfortable, dirty, monitor very hard to lift, constant traffic to the toilet, disturbing expensive leg room that cost me $180 extra charge.

NO WINDOW view whatsoever, USB didn't work, older plane taking 15 hours to get to destination.

The button to raise the TV is broken and so it won't raise without assistance from the cabin crew or lots of fiddling over an extended period whilst you wait for them to attend.

Avoid this seat for a few months until they get it fixed.

This area was quite noisy, which kind of defeat the purpose of getting seats in this cabin, it sometimes felt like the crew were banging up the cutlery in the galley just to make fun of us.