It is just before midnight when we come to a clay hut at the end of a dusty trail on the outskirts of Shinyanga and push open the door.

Inside, on a low stool, sits a barefoot man with sinewy limbs.

'According to the UN, the most dangerous country for albinos worldwide is Tanzania.

Officially, 156 have been attacked, mutilated or killed in the country since 2006.

Pictured: Service in the catholic church of Kabanga, joined by some of those who live in a nearby camp for albinos Horror: Witchdoctors are fuelling the sick trade in albino parts by purchasing an arm for £1,000 and, for a head, £2,000.

They sell the skin for £6,000 and will sell a whole body for £130,000 Pictured: Boys with albinism watching women's wrestling in TV room in the centre of Buhangija, which is a 'haven' for them Fighting: Josephat Torner, pictured, is one of the people campaigning to bring an end to the disgusting trade.

Where once the hair, fingernails and urine of albinos were enough, now unscrupulous witchdoctors produce their talismans and magic potions from the arms, legs, bones, inner organs and genitals of albinos.'What happens if the men come back? 'Maybe they'll use the girl as a living stockpile,' Sophia's friend Josephat Torner friend suggested, as tears rolled down his cheeks.

' she whimpered, holding her hand over the baby's head. 'Whenever they need new supplies, they'll cut a piece off of her.' Escalated: Once witchdoctors would have used hair and nails for their potions, but now they want to use arms, legs, bones, inner organs and genitals of albinos.

Four masked men stormed in, blinding Miriamu with flashlights.

One yanked her arm up, another chopped below the shoulder with a machete. And there is absolutely no trace of her four-year-old daughter.

Victim: Miriamu Staford was 25 and had just finished reading her young sisters a bedtime story when four masked men stormed into her clay hut, blinding Miriamu with flashlights.