The IOA loves to make me explain my very cruel intentions concerning my underlings.” “She’s the CMO—she’s not an underling. “Still, I think if she were honest about how I’m hurting her silly little feelings with my epically stoic resolve—I’d end up back on Earth being interviewed about my behavior.” “Epically stoic resolve? Keller broke up.” Rodney huffed and filled up his coffee cup before going to his desk.

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“We sort of owed him one, I guess.” “I suggested a stasis pod but that was apparently untoward.” Mc Kay rolled his eyes. “Apparently that was .” “They wouldn’t have felt that way if they’d woken up and found Todd lounging on the bed beside them.” Sheppard snorted then shuddered at the mental picture that accompanied Mc Kay’s observation.

Though it was certainly true—the people on Earth hadn’t seen Todd as a monster.

“Not my decision, I think O’Neill was tired of those weirdoes at Area 51 lobbying to dissect him.” Not that John had been against that, exactly.

Sure Todd was entertaining sometimes but he was still a barely leashed feral dog on the best of days.

Across from him, Rodney snorted and slapped another single serving box of the cereal down in front of him. “What with the wings and the fairy dust.” “And the tooth fetish,” Rodney finished up and smirked when John laughed. “Now, what does the chaplain and DADT have to do with each other? ” “Not as far as I know but he did make a point of telling me that if I encountered people who were having religious objections to the new regulations that he would be on hand to help smooth things out.” John shrugged.

“That could mean all kinds of things, I suppose.” “Yeah.” Rodney paused.

” “Yes, there are just a few issues left to address regarding some of the redundancies they removed at the SGC in the dialing program.” Mc Kay’s gut clenched and he exhaled sharply.

“I’m glad we insisted on installing a DHD on the new Midway station.” “We are in agreement,” Radek assured.

– – – – His grandfather’s watch stopped working thirty-six days after he helped Mc Kay pick out a diamond engagement ring for Jennifer Keller. “Yeah, digital.” He went back to his cereal and Rodney huffed dramatically. Jackson has proven to be quite an asset for the city. Teyla is impressed with him.” “Right, he could be out there forming his own religious cult for all we know.” Rodney stabbed at his bacon with a thoughtful frown. We’re almost ready for testing—Carter is reviewing our end of things at the SGC and then we’ll be prepared to run a test through the gates. Carter has done the testing through to the station from the SGC and the station has successfully dialed the Alpha site with no glitches or errors.

Thirty-four days after he’d realized that the agony twisting around in his chest every time he saw Rodney and Jennifer together was jealousy. “You know the great thing about having O’Neill on the city? “I wonder how long the bacon will last.” “Hopefully as long as it takes you to finish the new programming on the gate bridge.” John chased a fruit loop around in the milk. They’re doing tests with organics now—mostly plants and the like.

It just seemed to him that they’d gotten off kind of them. He was pretty pissed that they got the nice, helpful Asgard while he got stuck with the anal probing feral kind who liked to kidnap his astrophysicist. I’m not so sure I like the symbolism behind that.” “Right.” John frowned and chased after a few AWOL fruit loops with his spoon. It was such a relief to realize my parents had been pathologically lying to me about the whole thing.” He waved a hand.