The right anabolic conditions must be in place before satellite cell activation can begin.First, your health has to be in good standing, which includes optimal hydration, sound sleep, a diet low in simple sugars and trans fats, and a good balance of quality proteins, carbs, and fats.Muscle growth is definitely the result of hard training, precise nutrition, consistency, and adequate rest, but it's also the result of much deeper interactions at the cellular level.

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On average, a trip through the cell cycle takes 16 hours.

Signaling pathways ultimately control the activation and expansion of satellite cells, and enable them to produce larger, stronger muscles.

This is how they become new muscle protein strands and assist with muscle repair.

Basically, it's at this juncture that you start to get swole!

Do the following to maximize insulin's effects: The most coveted bodybuilding hormone of all, testosterone is also a key player in satellite cell activation.

Testosterone increases neurotransmitter levels at the muscle fiber site, stimulates GH responses in the anterior pituitary, interacts with nuclear receptors in DNA, and modulates satellite cell activity through increased IGF-1 production and androgen receptor density.

Within hours of muscle injury, neutrophils and macrophages—white blood cells critical to decreasing inflammation—infiltrate your injured muscle.

Small, cell-signaling proteins called cytokines are then released, attracting more white blood cells along with satellite cells.

You hit the weights hard, eat, rest, recover, and grow.