Some users on Twitter began tweeting politically incorrect phrases, teaching it inflammatory messages revolving around common themes on the internet, such as "redpilling", Gamer Gate, and "cuckservatism".

As a result, the robot began releasing racist and sexually-charged messages in response to other Twitter users.

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Google already offers messaging apps like Google Messenger and Hangouts, but this goes several steps further.

As you chat with friends and family, Allo will automatically analyze what you're saying and suggest quick replies so you don't have to type out a full response on your own.

It will even analyze photos that arrive from friends and suggest replies based on what it "sees" in these images.

If someone sends you a photo of a graduation ceremony, for instance, Allo will offer a "congratulations" or a "well done," and you can chose to send—or not.

As Google director of engineering Erik Kay describes it, the vision is to bring all sorts of online information and services directly into your online conversations.

Rather than bring all your friends into one app and then another and then another, he says, you can bring the apps to them, all via a Google-supplied layer of artificial intelligence.

But above all else, Allo is different because of the way it lets you interact with that centerpiece of Internet life: the Google search engine.

From inside Allo, Google says, you can chat with its search engine as you chat with everyone else.

Chatbots are all the rage among tech companies big and small.