At dinner, Dov jokes in a childish tone, which he often uses, that I'm his "date." When the watiress comes, I find myself automatically ordering for both of us, like I'm his mom or something. "Masturbation in front of women is underrated," Dov explains to me later over the phone. She gets to watch, it's a sensual experience that doesn't involve a man violating a woman, yet once the man has his release, it's over and you can talk to the guy." And, Iris adds on another day, "I think it's really healthy to have an orgasm four times a day.

At midnight, when Iris leaves to hang out with a friend, Dov gets distinctly quiet. Call me if you need anything," she says, giving him back his cell phone. It's got to be great for business." In his apartment that night, when he finishes, he promptly turns back to reading the rest of his e-mail. He clicks on one that displays a photo of a twentysomething Asian girl wearing tight jeans, lying in bed. " , Dov has had serious relationships with only three of his employees -- all cute, clean-faced young women. Then there was Merrily, who he says is the only girl he thought he could marry.

In fact, he essentially invented girly-cut printable tees after an Argentinean ex-girlfriend told him she couldn't stand wearing those big, American Hard RockĀ ones popularized in the '80s. You don't want something that's sexually driven, like panties, but then have them made in a horrible sweatshop. They drink beer, they have relationships, they have girlfriends." Plus, he adds, "It's fun to make money and pay people well." Posted on flyers and his Web site -- and screening on TV monitors in his vivid, meticulously designed retail stores -- is a barrage of propagandistic words promoting the company and Dov's new way of doing business.

Let's just say, the female employee helped him "put on a show" for me.

I watched, trying to be objective, detached -- sorta like a..reporter?

"To me, there's no other way but to be a capitalist.

I don't like the phrase"sweetshop-free" anymore because it's crybaby; it's 'Buy from us because we're trying harder to treat the people better.' What it is to me is another level of efficiency..sure you pay wages that are internationally acceptable and that your business model doesn't rely upon these cute labor inequalities that are really vestiges of the past." When I check out the headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, the environment really does seem pleasant.

The night they met, he had an assistant invite her to his hotel room.

"I thought it was weird," Thida, 22 says in her British accent, "but I love weird. People were like, 'Be careful, he's a walking erection.' I wanted to know what a 'walking erection' is.

So I went to his room and he just starts talking about his company, lying on his bed, like an emperor, really at ease." Deja vu.

, that's the look I'm going for," Dov says, describing his personal style.

And that is how I ended up in a 10th-floor suite of the trendy Maritime Hotel around 11 p.m.