At the same time her father, who she adored, was dying of lung cancer. After a quick meal and a drink, the pair stopped by a liquor store to buy a bottle for a small get-together at a mutual friend's house.

Every night that week she had gone to her parents' house to sit with him, to be by his side, hold his hand and just talk. After an hour or so, the group headed off to the department of public administration's year-end party at the University Club.

"There were 30 or 40 people," recalls Holly's friend and classmate Gabryel Joseph. Our program was incredibly demanding, and we had to unwind." Holly had a few drinks, but "if anyone is suggesting she was too drunk, I can assure you that was not the case," says Joseph.

Her leg and some ribs were broken, her body temperature was 23 degrees and she had a blood alcohol content of 0.09 percent.

The ambulance got her to the hospital at 7am, and she went into surgery at .

Police constables Matthew Luck and Jason Marriot arrived beneath the bridge at am, while the EMTs were working on Holly.

Marriot "noted a black baseball hat just to the south of where Bartlett's body was laying," he wrote in his report.

Herlt works for Cherubini Metal Works, which had been hired to install two towers beneath the Mac Kay Bridge, near where the two giant cables that hold up the suspension bridge make landfall on the Halifax side.

The cables are anchored by what's called an abutment, a massive concrete wedge that slopes steeply up from the ground to a point nearly 10 metres high.Update, February 24, 2014: Halifax Regional Police and Halifax District RCMP have announced an independent review of the police investigation into Holly Bartlett's death. Work finished early that Friday afternoon, but Holly Bartlett's day was just getting started.She had to shop for a birthday present for her six-year-old nephew—Holly settled on a Wii controller—before going to a class at Dalhousie.They thought she was dead, but then they noticed she was trying to breathe.They noticed she was really cold, so they put one of their coats—their ironworker coats—on her.A friend called a cab for her, but when the cab arrived the department proceedings were still going on, and Holly wanted to hear the last speaker. After the last speech, another friend called a second cab.