My children are quite a bit older than yours at 5 and 8 but tbh, I'm looking for friends for me just as much as for my children so if you fancy a chat, I'm about Hi all I'm currently a Glasgow netmum but dh, lo and I are planning on moving to west lothian at the end of the month.

I have a 7 month old daughter and am a bit nervous about making new friends in the area so thought I'd crash this board - hope you don't mind!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and that this year is a special one!

We've got lots of thoughts for what we can do over the next few months so keep an eye on the boards.

On the 13th of March, 2.30pm we will be having a teddy bears picnic for Red Nose Day. If anyone doesnt know where it is here is a link to google maps to give you an idea.

2.30pm Friday 27th Feb Looking forward to seeing yous all!

Siobhan and Louise Yeh it was really good meeting up!

Try the library too as they do 'bounce and tickle' sessions once a month. Theres info here Netmums: Netmums Meetups about the volunteering.

Maybe you could ask your health visitor when you move as they gave me a list of groups which has really helped. Pm me if youre interested Siobhan Hiya Vicki, Well Zoe and Dimitri are both ill and im working too much, except from that we're good lol Hows you?Thanks for reading and look forward to chatting with you all.Wendy Hiya Wendy, We are in the middle of settin up a monthly meetup so keep an eye out for them. Theres also a few extra meetups like nights out ect.the range broxburn map - Google Maps It is a little bit hard to find so if you get lost heres my number 07530825227 If possible bring some change to join in with the activities (a wee donation towards Red Nose day) Face painting (strictly bears lol) Bear competition Guess the celeb Teddy bear picnic songs and games Have a look at the red nose day shop to see if you would like anything for your wee one and let me know as soon as poss so that I can order them. Do Something Funny For Money | Red Nose Day 09 If you have any ideas for activities on the day let us know.Whatever the weather we will have a picnic as we have the use of the range and the park.Just sold our flat in glasgow as not ideal since lo came along and also dh works in Livingston so travelling becoming a bit of a nightmare.